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Our good neighbor Mr. Shiloh, Stratford Sportsmans Club

*A post from a few years ago that sums up a Duncan Bowhunters traditional shoot.*

Saturday, May 17, 2014IMG_5539

Or was it 1964?  Let me explain this question with my thoughts and observations from the Traditional Shoot on the 17th. I was very impressed with all who helped at this event. It was easy to see that many members had volunteered their time and energy to make this a successful shoot.  But why? Why do all this work?  And why would anyone pay to enter?

Well I can easily answer these questions; IT IS FUN.

In fact it should be called timeless fun. What I mean by this is the participants and shoot organizers do not represent the selfish mindset and attitude of our culture and society in 2014  (I want the latest gizmo gee-whiz gadget now!).  This shoot could have taken place in 1954 or 1994. It was a timeless gathering and competition.

IMG_6180The “keep it simple-keep it fun” attitude was quite evident and not fake or forced.  Apparently this is the natural mindset of personalities attracted to this type of event.  I witnessed goodwill, friendship, sportsmanship, and honest competitiveness from the youngest to the oldest. The young people represented themselves very well and impressed me. They have the most choices available, with many temptations, and they chose to shoot in a traditional archery tournament.  Why? Because, it is that much fun.  Or maybe it really was 1964.